I graduated from what is now Manchester Metropolitan University in 1976 with a BA (Hons.) in Textiles and Fine Art, and an MA in Fashion & Textiles in 1977.
Following my studies, I taught Textile Design at Blackpool College of Art, and in 1982 moved to Singapore and lectured in Colour Theory and Graphics at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art. In 1985 I moved to Houston, Texas, with my husband, and took a 'career break' to produce my greatest creations, my twin sons! I have exhibited my Paintings and Textiles internationally, and have work in private collections worldwide. I have worked in various fields of Art and Design, and run Creative Workshops in England, Singapore, the USA and France.


I have drawn and painted, made and stitched things since I was a tiny child, and could wield the brushes and oil paints that my wonderfully indulgent mother provided me with at aged five. I was unimpressed and frustrated with the insipid colours of 1950s wax crayons! I like to move across the disciplines as the work demands, using whichever technique and medium I feel best conveys the ideas I want to express into tangible forms. My work is inspired by many things..... my travels, the vastness of a landscape, the intricacy of it's details, and much of my work reflects this. I am endlessly fascinated by the horizon, that apparent line that divides the land from the earth, most especially at sea. I love to try to capture this distant division, which exists only for the eye, isn't really there, and so for me holds both a magical and spiritual quality. Other pieces spring from perhaps a humorous idea which I feel I must act upon, or a brief for an exhibition.

Photograph by Judith Railton.

Rosemary Cassidy Buswell